What Are Some Benefits of Hip Hop Classes for Kids?


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Hip Hop dance classes benefit kids by building self-confidence and increasing flexibility. Building self-continence is done by often having the kids participate in performances in front of an audience. The knowledge of learning new dance moves in class might also allow kids to gain confidence. Hip Hop dances require a lot of energy and physical activity from kids to help them stay more physically fit. The physical movement is a way for kids to develop better coordination skills and balance.

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Hip Hop dances incorporate several different styles of dances that encourage creativity and improvisations. The classes are considered a great way to encourage individual expressions for kids through dancing. Hip Hop dance classes also allow kids to interact and socialize with other kids that might have the same interests. This allows some kids to create a special bonds or friendship with others in the same class. Most kids also tend to get excited about learning the latest dance moves that popular music artists perform.

Hip Hop dancing styles first emerged in America in the 1970s. The dance mainly incorporates urban music and classes are taught to learn the style. Some Hip Hop dance moves, such as break dancing, might be extremely challenging for some to learn.

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