What Are Some Benefits of Buying a Magazine Subscription?

One benefit of subscribing to a magazine is a discounted price compared to buying individual issues. Other benefits include the convenience of having issues delivered to the subscriber's home and the assurance that the subscriber is not going to forget to purchase an issue.

Many magazines offer a discount off the store price of the magazine for subscribers who buy directly from the publisher. For example, as of 2015, subscribers to Time magazine receive four issues for free, while subscribers to Fortune magazine save nearly 60 percent. Subscribers may also be granted access to additional content when they visit the magazine's website. Logging in to a subscriber account typically allows the account holder to view additional articles and supplementary content. Generally, a subscription also removes any blocks the magazine may place on the number of articles a visitor can view per month.

Subscribing to a magazine also ensures that the subscriber receives the magazine each month on time. Subscriptions are delivered in the mail or through email in the case of digital subscriptions. There is no risk of the subscriber forgetting to buy a monthly issue due to being busy or out of town, since magazine subscriptions are delivered automatically.