What Are Some Benefits of an Accubrush?


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The main benefits of the Accubrush are the accuracy with which it allows a painter to paint, and that it greatly shortens the time it takes to edge. Other benefits of the Accubrush are that it is able to be mounted, reducing the need of a ladder, and that it also works on textured surfaces.

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The Accubrush allows users to edge up to 10 feet with only one load of the roller, and it also uses a small fine-line brush to cut straight lines. The brush is used to move the paint to the edge of the wall and create a perfect line. It also has a specially designed shield that ensures the trim stays free of paint and that the paint does not bleed under the masking tape.

All Accubrush models feature a brush adjuster, allowing the painter to adjust the brush in or out in order to set up the perfect angle. The professional pole-mountable model allows for even greater range, making it very useful for ceilings. The pole may be mounted on any standard pole up to 20 feet long. When it is time to paint ceilings, the Accubrush allows for easy painting along a variety of surfaces, such as knockdown and orange peel.

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