What Is the "BEN Drowned" Creepypasta?

What Is the "BEN Drowned" Creepypasta?

The "BEN Drowned" creepypasta is a story posted online by 4Chan user Alex Hall, known as Jadusable. It tells the story of how he gets a second-hand "The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask" cartridge, which he finds out is a haunted copy of the game.

The creepypasta starts out with Jadusable receiving an old Nintendo 64. Becoming bored with the single game he has, he starts looking for others at garage sales and finds an old man who hands him the Zelda game. Jadusable is skeptical at first, but once he plays it, he finds out that it runs fine, save for a few glitches.

As he keeps playing, the game gets progressively worse. He brushes it off as glitching, but soon starts suspecting the save file named "BEN" might have something to do with the problems.

The soundtracks are all wrong. Reversed and distorted versions of the songs are played, a character in the game keeps following Jadusable's character, and the dialogue is strange. The atmosphere of the game has turned into an unsettling and eerie one.

He decides to record and share his gameplay, but later states that Ben is controlling even his Youtube channel. He starts losing sleep over the game, even going as far as to move back in with his parents. Ben starts to haunt him not only in-game but also in the real world. He feels he's slowly losing his sanity.

Jadusable later reveals that this story is made up, but that he intends to continue writing it.