When Does "Ben 10 NN10" Air on Cartoon Network?


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"Ben 10 NN10," better known as the "Nuevo Negative 10: Eon's Revenge," is not scheduled to air on Cartoon Network. "Ben 10 NN10" is part of a fan fiction series called "Ben 10: Alien Alliance" that was not made by the original creators of "Ben 10."

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"Ben 10: Alien Alliance" takes place after the "Ben 10: Ultimate Alliance" series. "Nuevo Negative: Eon's Revenge" is the first part of a four-episode finale. In this episode, Ben Tennyson is pitted against 10 super villains who were summoned by Ben's inter-dimensional timeline-travelling nemesis Eon. Outmatched and overpowered, although Ben and his alliances fight valiantly, eventually they are forced to retreat.

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