How Do You Become a Vampire?

According to historic lore, literature and films, the traditional way to become a vampire requires a vampire to drain a human of blood to the brink of death, and the human to drink blood from the vampire. The human then dies and reawakens as a newly-made vampire.

The specifics surrounding vampire creation often differ from one story to the next. Some require the act be performed at a specific time. Some require that the human being turned must willingly drink from the vampire, while other stories enable vampires to be made simply from a single bite that doesn't lead to death. Accidental vampire creation provides a useful trope within literature and film for characters to stumble through a vampiric change without aid from a veteran vampire.

Still other stories maintain that people cannot be made into vampires. Instead they are born a vampire, and are intrinsically different from humans despite similar appearances. This type of vampire lore implies vampires are an entirely separate species and any progeny born to a vampire/human couple would only be half-vampire.

Another option for becoming a vampire is through magic spells. In some stories, a vampire is considered a demon or otherworldly figure, and invoking the correct spell can enable humans to transform into one of these creatures.