How Do You Become a Regal Crown Club Member?

Regal cinemas customers can sign up for the Regal Crown Club at a theater location, on or with the Regal Cinemas mobile app. This reward club for Regal Entertainment Group provides physical or virtual membership cards, which members can use to accumulate points for free snacks and tickets.

Members who sign up at a Regal Cinemas location receive a physical card that they can activate on When members sign up online, they can pick up their physical cards at any Regal Cinemas location. Members who sign up via the Regal Cinemas app automatically receive virtual cards, and anyone with a membership number can download the app and receive a virtual card as well. The Regal box office and concession stand accepts both physical and virtual cards.

Regal Crown Club members accumulate points for the purchase of tickets and items at the concession stand. Promotions for certain movie releases and special deals can earn extra points. Normally, members earn one point for every dollar spent on tickets and four points for every concession purchase.

After amassing 50 points, members earn a free small popcorn. After 100 points, they earn a free small soft drink. At 150 points, a members reach Star Status, when they can receive additional points on Thursdays and for concession purchases. This number also earns them free movie tickets. The cycle of rewards continues for every 50 points accumulated.