How Do You Become a Mermaid When You Touch Water?


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To become a mermaid when touching water, one must use her imagination. Despite even recent mermaid sighting claims, mermaids do not appear to be real and are likely only mythological creatures dating back to before 2000 B.C., potentially beginning with the Babylonian deity Era or Oannes, meaning Fish-God.

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Triton, the king of the sea in Greek mythology, has been described in numerous Greek mythology stories and was made popular once more in the 1989 Disney movie, "The Little Mermaid." Several religions, such as Hinduism, worship mermaid goddesses. Whether mermaids have a good or evil nature varies depending on the folklore. Some sailors tell of mischievous and villainous behaviors, while the folklore of Scotland recounts mermaids that befriended and sometimes married humans.

While rare, mermaid sightings continue to be reported. In 2009, tourists in Israel claimed to see a mermaid sunbathing on the beach. Researchers believe mermaid sightings are attributed to human-size marine animals, such as manatees. Interest in mermaids was recently rekindled in a 2012 television series "Mermaids: The Body Found" which depicted the fictional story in a documentary fashion that was convincing enough to illicit inquiries that caused the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to release an official statement that mermaids do not exist, LiveScience explains.

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