What Are Some Beautiful Words to Use in a Poem?


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Words that are considered beautiful and may be used in poetry include "cascade," "diaphanous," "ephemeral" and "halcyon." Other beautiful words are "lithe," "mellifluous" and "resplendent."

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The word "cascade" has multiple meanings. The first meaning is a steep waterfall that descends over a rocky surface. It also refers to a series of short waterfalls or anything that resembles a waterfall. Additionally, this word may be used as a verb and in different tenses, such as "cascaded" and "cascading." Other meanings of this word include a type of firework that has a waterfall effect and an arrangement of light fabric in folds that fall over one another.

"Diaphanous" is most commonly used as an adjective that describes something as very sheer and almost fully transparent. It also describes something that is hazy in a delicate manner. This word has other forms, such as "diaphanously" and "diaphanousness." An example of this word used in a sentence is "The little pixie wore a diaphanous dress that barely hid the delicate lines of her body."

"Ephemeral" is used as an adjective and a noun. It describes anything that has a short life span or lasts for a limited amount of time. The term is commonly associated with plants.

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