Who Are Some Beautiful Characters in Anime?

Who Are Some Beautiful Characters in Anime?

Ezra Scarlet from "Fairy Tale," Rangiku Matsumoto from "Bleach," Yoko Littner from "Gurren Lagann" and Yuzuriha Inori from "The Guilty Crown" are beautiful anime characters, according to TheRichest.com. Each character is celebrated for her pretty, baby-like face and slender, voluptuous figure. They are all fighting heroines in their respective anime series.

Ezra Scarlet is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tale Guild. She has long, scarlet-colored hair and brown eyes, one of which is artificial. Ezra has the magical ability to change her armor and day-to-day outfits at will. She is very strict and impatient but has a strong sense of justice.

Rangiku Matsumoto is the lieutenant of Squad 10. She has blue eyes, a large bust and very long blond hair. She typically wears outfits that expose her cleavage. Rangiku uses her beauty and sexuality to manipulate others to her benefit. She often avoids her responsibilities as a lieutenant by going shopping or drinking while on duty.

Yoko Littner is a young female with long red hair to her lower back. She has golden-yellow eyes and wears a leather bikini and leather boots when she fights. Yoko typically carries a rifle.

Yuzuriha Inori is a member of the resistance guerrilla group Funeral Parlor in an apocalyptic world. She has pink hair and red eyes. When Yuzuriha is fighting, she wears a revealing red leotard; the rest of the time, she wears a school-girl uniform. She excels in hand-to-hand combat and exhibits excellent marksmanship.