What Is the Basis of the Joe Pickett Series?


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The Joe Pickett series by C.J. Box is based on the real-world experiences of game wardens, as well as observations C.J. Box has made working in various environmental situations. Many of the novels are about the conflict over land in the west Rockies and how it affects economics and history.

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Joe Pickett is a game warden in Wyoming who appears in several of C.J. Box's novels. Pickett has faced environmental terrorists, crooked federal agents, animal mutilators and much more. Box explains that at heart, Pickett is a good man who does the right thing even when the consequences are catastrophic. Pickett loves his wife and three daughters very much and works hard to provide for them.

As a character, Joe Pickett is not the typical mystery genre protagonist who appears on the scene with a dark past or a trouble mind. He is a quiet person who makes mistakes but has incredible integrity. He also knows how to think for himself and rarely compromises. As a game warden, he is a law enforcement officer who is armed and trained to handle difficult situations that occur in the mountains, away from civilization. His Achilles heel is his propensity to always do the right thing.

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