What Are the Basics of the Lizabeth Scott Scandal?


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In 1954, Confidential magazine ran a front-page story claiming that actress Lizabeth Scott was a lesbian and that she hired prostitutes. Scott sued the magazine for $2.5 million and lost. Later, she appeared in a 1957 film, and then she retired from movies for 15 years.

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The magazine article made reference to Scott's masculine style of dress and her purported preference for the company of women, especially women of ill repute. The magazine also claimed that she took up with a famous French lesbian entertainer named Frede. The atmosphere and culture at the time made it hard for Scott's career to survive the scandal. She appeared in "Loving You" with Elvis Presley in 1957 and made her final appearance in a movie in the 1972 film "Pulp."

Scott was a blonde, husky-voiced actress who often appeared in film noir movies such as "Easy Living" and "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers," in which she was a femme fatale character. Hollywood hype generators dubbed her “The Threat.”

Some people have made the distinction that Scott sued Confidential magazine for the allegation that she hired prostitutes and not that the story made reference to her being a lesbian. Scott never revealed her true sexuality.

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