What Are the Basic Steps for the Foxtrot?


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The basic steps for the foxtrot are basic forward, basic backward, rock left turn, forward progressive and promenade. The foxtrot is danced in a closed ballroom dance position and combines slow and quick steps.

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The foxtrot is a smooth dance that gives the feeling of gliding across the floor. The counting pattern of movement is slow, slow, quick, quick. Each slow step takes two beats, and each quick step takes one beat.

To begin the dance in a closed ballroom dance position, a man and woman stand across from each other with the man's left hand holding the woman's right hand at shoulder height. The man places his right hand on the woman's shoulder blade, and the woman places her left arm on the man's right arm. The man and woman mirror each others movements.

Additional movements, such as a rock step and a turn, can be incorporated into the routine. Contrary to the traditional closed position dance, the American Foxtrot is a version of the dance that can be performed in open stance and with side by side movements. The foxtrot can be danced to a variety of music styles and is often performed at weddings, parties and social events.

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