What Are Some Basic Line Dancing Steps?


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Some basic line dancing steps are the slide, shuffle and scoot. Line dancing is a choreographed style of dance, and many sequences of steps also have names, such as the grapevine, pivot and kick-ball-change.

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Line dancers perform the grapevine, also known as the “vine,” to the right or the left. To the left, the left foot steps left, the right foot crosses behind, the left foot again steps left and the right steps together to the left foot. This basic line dancing step sequence has many variations, such as adding a heel dig, boot scuff or a hitch. Similar to the grapevine, the weave combines both a cross step in front and a cross step behind.

Another basic line dancing step is the jazz square. Line dancers perform the jazz square, also known as the jazz box, to the right or the left. To perform a jazz square, step the left foot across the right foot, step the right foot back and to the side, step to the left side with the left foot and finally close the right foot aside the left foot.

The triple step is a basic line dancing step that line dancers perform during two beats of music. This step is similar to a kick-ball-change. Step onto the left foot, step onto the ball of the right foot and then quickly step onto the left foot.

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