What Are Some Basic Dance Step Instructions?


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A basic dance step is to step with your right leg horizontally out to the side and then have your left leg step to meet it. Then, repeat this in the opposite direction. This dance is the two step. Simply bouncing your body to the beat of the music are the basic instructions for how to dance the bounce.

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A variation of the basic two step dance is the triangle two step. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, and slightly bend your knees, stepping with your right leg diagonally to the back before returning to the starting position. Once your right foot hits the starting position, take a diagonal step back with your left foot and then back to the front. Repeat as many times as desired.

When doing the bounce, you can incorporate a shoulder roll or arm movement. When rolling your shoulders, keep your arms and fingers relaxed. For a simple arm movement, move one arm up and one arm down before switching.

To incorporate your hips, simply move them from side to side or in a circular motion while keeping time with the music. Doing a series of hip flexor exercises can help you loosen your hips and learn how to move them independently from other parts of your body.

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