What Bands Have Covered "Greensleeves?"?


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"Greensleeves" has been covered by many bands including NiknJaps, Rainbow and Celtic Ladies. The song has also been covered by many individual artists including Olivia Newton-John, Amy Nuttall and Loreena McKennitt.

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Versions of the music and lyrics have been used for many purposes in a variety of media including songs, books, television series, movies and advertisements. In the movie "How the West Was Won," Debbie Reynolds sings "A Home in the Meadow" to the tune of "Greensleeves." In the United Kingdom, the song was used in a memorable advertisement for Dreamland Electric Blankets. In season seven of the television series "Sons of Anarchy," the Forest Rangers perform a variation of the song with series star Katey Sagal on lead vocals. A variation of the tune was used as the theme song for the television series, "Lassie." During World War I, the 7th Battalion London Regiment used the song for its quick march.

Dating back to the 16th century, "Greensleeves" is a traditional English folk song that many believe was written by King Henry VIII for his wife Anne Boleyn. The version that survives today is believed to have been first published by Richard Jones in 1580. By the 19th century, most printed collections of Christmas carols included some version of the song.

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