How Do You Find Back Issues of Magazines for Sale?

How Do You Find Back Issues of Magazines for Sale? carries back issues of dozens of magazines. The catalog is divided into categories such as art and design, music, men's interest and business and finance. Each category includes a list of magazine titles; click on a magazine's title to see what issues are available. The website supports online ordering, and a 1-800 number is also provided. offers a $6 flat domestic shipping fee.

Some publishers and magazines make their own back issues available to the public. One such magazine is Fortune, which has a section of its website dedicated to back issues. Browse by year using the sidebar on the left of the page, and click the desired cover. Even if a hard copy is unavailable, it may be possible to purchase a digital version of the magazine for a tablet. Time Magazine's website offers the same options for purchasing back issues.

Online marketplaces may also contain the desired back issue. Users sell back issues of magazines regularly; as of December 2015, eBay hosts 83 listings for New Scientist back issues. More back issues may be available if the magazine is extremely popular; for example, a search for National Geographic on eBay returns over 22,000 listings. Some listings are for bulk sets of magazines, while others are for individual issues going back to the early 20th century.