What Authors Wrote Some Cute Love Poems for Girls?


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Rita Dove, Gary Soto and Jeffrey McDaniel have all written cute love poems for girls. Their poems contain advanced literary themes, but are easy-to-read, lighthearted and relatable.

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Rita Dove's "Flirtation" accurately captures the excitement many young girls feel toward a potential crush. Dove's description of a piece of fruit is an everyday observation, except for the fact that the speaker is sharing it with a romantic interest, which lends a heightened sense of detail girls can relate to.

Gary Soto's "Oranges" describes a first crush as told from the male perspective. Innocent and introspective, "Oranges" depicts a barter transaction improvised by a 12-year-old boy hoping to impress a girl. The universal theme of the poem and the opportunity to get inside the head of a young suitor with chivalric intentions provides a positive sentiment for girls.

Jeffrey McDaniel's "The Quiet World" pictures a society in which the government has restricted daily conversation to 167 words. This poses a dilemma for the speaker of the poem, who chooses nonverbal communication to complete daily tasks so he can save the bulk of his words for telephone conversation with a long-distance lover. "The Quiet World" is relatable to girls who rely on cell phones and social media for the majority of their communication.

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