Who Is the Author of "Little Red Riding Hood"?


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The authors of most influential versions of "Little Red Riding Hood" are Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm. Perrault published his version in 1729, while the Brothers Grimm published their version, called "Little Red Cap," in 1812.

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Andrew Lang also published a version called "The True Story of Little Golden Hood" in 1890. In this version, as the name suggests, the protagonist's hood is gold, not red. Because of the oral nature of folk tales, the earliest versions of the story were not written down; therefore, no one knows its true original author.

Scholars believe that versions date back to before the 17th century. For example, an Italian version called "La Finta Nonna" dates to around the 14th century. The stories differ in their details; some are more violent. All of them share the characters of a young girl, her grandmother and the wolf.

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