How Do You Audition to Play Music for the Calvary Chapel Live Services?

How Do You Audition to Play Music for the Calvary Chapel Live Services?

Calvary Chapel's music ministry accepts auditions by video only on the website. Each person auditioning is required to submit two video-recorded pieces either sung in a particular vocal part or played on his specific instrument.

The music ministry of Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, a megachurch located in Florida, is called Ocean's Edge. This ministry provides live music for 10 campuses located all around Florida. Part of a larger association of Calvary Chapel churches, the organization's history dates back to 1965.

To audition for Ocean's Edge, navigate to the ministry's website, click on the drop down under "About," and select "Audition." A short video on the website has more information about how to properly record and submit an audition. Ocean's Edge recommends watching the video regardless of past experience with video recording.

Below the video is a link to "Audition Songs." Each vocal part - alto, soprano and tenor - has two songs to perform. Rehearsal and audition tracks, along with sheet music, are available for each song. Instruments available for audition include acoustic, bass and electric guitars, as well as keys and drums. Each instrument also has links to two audition songs, with audio and sheet music available for the rehearsal and audition tracks.

Ocean's Edge also recommends that each respondent specify in the video which campus he would prefer and try to imitate the audition track as closely as possible.