What Are Some Attractive Horse Barn Designs?

What Are Some Attractive Horse Barn Designs?

Some attractive horse barn designs include the classic octagonal barn and the German bank barn. Other attractive designs start with a classic format such as a tobacco barn, an English barn, a Dutch barn, a crib barn or a prairie barn and then add attractive architectural elements such as cupolas, dormer windows, formal entryways, classic double doors and other features.

Octagonal barns were originally popular in America in the early part of the 20th century, and they feature an eye catching and energy-efficient octagonal design.

Also called Pennsylvania barns, German bank barns are large multi-story barns built into a bank of land. They feature a forebay that extends above the bottom level of the barn to create a shady covering over the feedlot.

Other features that may be added to a barn design to make it more attractive include pillars, varied roof lines, porches, vaulted ceilings and side entryways.

Barns can be modified to add workshops, RV storage, car parking or living areas in addition to areas for horses, and architectural elements can be added to these extra features to make them more attractive. Similarly, existing workshops or garages can also be turned into barns with a number of attractive design features.