Who Attended Troy Donahue's Funeral?


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Specific details about who attended Troy Donahue’s funeral have not been revealed, as of 2015. His fiancé at the time of his death, Zheng Cao, and his sister are two people who might have attended; both women stayed bedside with Donahue at the time of his passing in Saint John’s Medical Center. The website FindaDeath.com claims that Cao has possession of his ashes.

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In 2000 Donahue refused to undergo bypass surgery for his heart problems. The following year, he passed away from a heart attack he suffered after returning home from the gym. Donahue is survived by his two children, Janine and Sean, along with his grandchildren.

Born in New York City as Merie Johnson Jr., Donahue dreamed of being an actor at an early age. He studied and read plays with the help of his parents, who both didn’t want him to become an actor. He later attended a military academy to please his parents and volunteered for the army. After being rejected, Donahue eventually moved to Hollywood where he signed with Universal Studios. “A Summer Place” became Donahue’s breakthrough performance and made him a star among teenage audiences.

He later signed with Warner Bros. and played in leading roles for various films. In 1965 Donahue played the role of a psychopathic killer in “My Blood Runs Cold,” which received much criticism and soon led to his contract ending with the company. He continued to act in films and TV series but never achieved the same level of success as he previously had.

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