Why Is Athena Important?

Athena is known as the goddess of war and skills, according to Greek mythology. Athena is also the protector of civilized life, including the crafts needed to make life in the civilized world possible for both men and women.

Athena is closely related to Athens and the main temple in the Acropolis is dedicated to her. She is also the goddess of knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. Some of the crafts of the civilized world that she protects include spinning and weaving, bronze working and carpentry. She is also credited to be the inventor of the flute and agricultural tools.

Athena was born from the head of Zeus, from where she emerged full-grown. She played a key role in assisting Perseus kill Medusa. She is usually accompanied by Nike, and typically appears adorned with her warrior accessories, such as a spear, a helmet and a shield.