How Do You Get Artwork Appraised Online?


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It is possible to have artwork appraised online by sending photos and details about an artwork to an online appraisal service such as Appraise-Art.com, Heffel.com or Auctionata.com. Provide as much detail as possible about an artwork to ensure an accurate appraisal.

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When requesting an online art appraisal, use at least one photograph of the artwork. If the artwork is a sculpture or another three-dimensional form, photograph it from several different angles to allow the appraiser to view it from all sides. The application form provided on Heffel.com allows two photos of the work to be uploaded. The website recommends providing a photo of the front and the back of the work.

The artist, title, medium and date of the artwork are usually important in determining its value. Valuations that are determined without this information may not be as accurate as possible. If a signature appears on the work, provide its location, size and any other distinguishing characteristics.

Provide any information about the artwork's provenance to the online appraiser. Provenance includes where, when and from whom the artwork was acquired. An artwork that was previously owned by a noteworthy figure may be highly valued. Also provide any existing gallery labels or information about exhibitions in which the work has appeared.

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