What Artists Show in the Michigan Artists Gallery?

What Artists Show in the Michigan Artists Gallery?

Artists that show in the Michigan Artists Gallery include Pat Custer Denison and Chris Roberts Antieau as of 2015. The Michigan Artists Gallery boasts "regional art with a global appeal" and also includes artists Char Brickel and Jim Anderson.

Pat Custer Denison creates a variety of artistic works, including works from tile and wood as well as watercolors and prints. Custer studied art at the University of Michigan. She lives in Benzie County, Michigan, where she moved in 1998. Denison's artistic subjects include humans, animals, trees and natural settings.

Chris Roberts Antieau displays fiber applique with the Michigan Artists Gallery. Antieau did not attend college or art school. In fact, she repeated the ninth grade. She says that her art is about listening to her voice. She focuses on the big picture, and she says that art is a product of her life. Life is about creating joy and holding on to the wonder of childhood, Antieau says.

Similarly, Char Brickel also says that her art is about maintaining her childhood joy. Brickel's art consists of shadow boxes that contain painted silks and other materials. One of her signature works is of a juggling bear. Brickel says that a juggling bear represents the balance that people need to find in life. Brickel grew up in Muskegon, Michigan and she graduated from the University of Michigan.

Jim Anderson's art is aerial photography. Anderson is a pilot, and he also worked as a speech pathologist before retiring to focus on photography. His works include more than 30 years of photography throughout the state of Michigan. He uses a stabilizer to take photos while flying.