What Artists Have Painted Cactus Pictures?


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Ed Browne is an artist who is mainly inspired by the Southwest and has painted multiple pictures of cacti. Many other artists have painted pictures of cacti, including Theresa Paden, Erin Hanson and Donald Maier. .

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Ed Browne is an artist who focuses on painting the Sonoran Desert and Southwest areas. He moved to Arizona at the age of six and was inspired by paintings his grandfather had done. His paintings of the desert are characterized by bold colors and a refined attention to detail, with a realistic and contemporary style. He is an award-winning artist and member of the Arizona Artist Guild.

Theresa Paden has a variety of cactus paintings available for viewing on DailyPainters.com, as of 2015. She uses soft lines and bright colors to depict desert scenery, and her work is mostly characterized by vivid color schemes. These paintings are available for purchase directly through the artist.

Erin Hanson and Donald Maier both have multiple cactus paintings featured on FineArtAmerica.com. Maier works with oil, pastel and water color and has held exhibitions in many fine art galleries in the United States. Hanson paints with oil and blends classic impressionism with modern expressionism. She is from Glendale, California.

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