Why Do Artists Make Their Music Available for Free Download Online?


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Musicians and artists make their music available for free download online to bring awareness of their brand, entice fans to attend their live shows and attract the attention of music promoters, agents and record labels. Artists also release their music for free online to allow fans to enjoy the music they created and develop an admiration for the sound and skills of the musicians.

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Artists who choose to release music for free have the opportunity to place advertisements or upcoming concert previews within their videos or as an audio teaser prior to the recording of the song. Announcements about the musician or public appearances are also advertised when releasing music online for free.

The process of streaming music live and online has stirred controversy in the past, as the claim that artists, producers, record labels and agents were losing money. Technology has changed this mindset as music has become much more readily available online for free. Artists have chosen to give in to this trend because the benefit of having their music accessible helps to build a fan base. Fans often act as natural promoters when sharing new music via social media, online websites and blogs, and on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

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