Who Are Some Artists Who Draw Female Muscle Art?

Who Are Some Artists Who Draw Female Muscle Art?

Some artists who draw female muscle art are Jebriodo, Pokkuti, RedSilverArtist, Tonuss and Uzomistudio, all of whom are part of the DeviantArt community. Other female muscle artists on DeviantArt include MrPlaid81, Gettar82, Tim and Joe Vigil, Sunamori and Volkan-Kinaci.

Female muscle art consists of artwork that depicts strong, powerful, muscular and sexy women. DeviantArt, the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, is also home for many female muscle artists.

The art of Jebriodo, whose real name is Jed Dougherty, primarily depicts female strength through great physical mass. His work often includes images reminiscent of exaggerated ancient goddess bodies, burlesque figurative paintings and women with comic-book physiques. AreaOrion, who blogs at blogspot.com, describes his paintings as featuring elements of the fantastic, surreal and humorous.

Pokkuti, or Wicky "Pokkuti" Salsa, is a female muscle artist known for his work on "Magic Muscle" and his new series, "Forbidden Frontiers," a fantasy adventure featuring muscular characters with an emphasis on muscle growth sequence. He is a featured artist at Patreon.com, which allows enthusiasts to support artists by becoming a committed patron.

The team of Tim and Joe Vigil is best known for Tim's work as the legendary co-creator of Faust. Their work has also been released by Avatar Press. These include 777: The Wrath, Cuda, and Faust: Book of M.