Who Are Some Artists Who Create Evil Joker Art?


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Bhavesh Panchal from India and Francesco Ciampi from Italy are two artists that have created evil Joker art. While Panchal works in both 3-D and 2-D digital art platforms, Ciampi uses somewhat more traditional methods. He first creates his art on paper and then colors it using Adobe Photoshop.

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Panchal's Joker is a muscular character who has a devilish look. The Joker stands tall with a wide, evil grin that reveals his rotting teeth. The artwork mostly uses unsaturated colors that have a pastel look. Panchal has modeled the character in 3-D and lists ZBrush and Adobe Photoshop as the applications used.

In comparison, Ciampi's work features brighter, more highly saturated colors. His imagination of the Joker features a similar evil grin, green hair and wrinkles all around the character's face. The Joker stands before a distorted American flag that has its stars out of proportion and out of order. The artwork is in 2-D. Ciampi originally drew it on paper and made alterations in Photoshop.

Both artists mostly work on dark themes and prefer drawing evil-looking characters. They display their work at ArtStation. The website, which is free to use, allows users to view the artwork without an account.

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