How Do You Find Art Modeling Studios in Your City?


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Art modeling studios and modeling opportunities can be found through local colleges, universities and creative arts centers. For those wishing to model without access to those options, many online job search sites provide information about modeling opportunities in both large and small cities.

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To find an art modeling studio outside of an educational setting, many life models turn to online job search sites. Using the search terms "life drawing" and "figure drawing" yields a list of modeling studios hiring in the location determined by the user.

Those wishing to become life models are in high demand in colleges, universities and art schools. They are used during classes requiring students to study and draw the human form. Depending on class schedules and curriculum, multiple models may be employed during the same semester.

Depending on demand, life models can be hired with little to no experience. They are expected to work a regular, reliable schedule and, if the model is a student hired by the college or university she attends, may be paid through a work study program. If the life model is working at a creative arts center, pay may be sporadic and dependent on tips from those who gather to draw.

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