What Are Some Art Line Design Examples?


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Examples of art line designs include geometric optical art, black and white straight line patterns and rhythmic line designs. Line art designs are mainly composed of lines in varying weights, orientation and perspectives to emphasize form, outline and shading. Some businesses and organizations are already opting for line art logo designs that utilize thin line techniques for a clean and easily recognizable appearance that people.

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Geometric optical artworks are usually in black and white and composed of pattern and lines, specifically straight and wavy or contour lines, to create a visual effect such as movement, flashing and warping. Black and white straight line patterns as in bar codes and checkered prints are pretty straightforward. They are best used as backgrounds or borders. Meanwhile, rhythmic line art designs repeat lines to form a pattern, and repeating the pattern can eventually form a solid image. For instance, repeatedly drawing a spiral design or curved line design may lead an individual to draw a shell, whorls of one's finger print and ocean waves.

The shape, contour, texture and tone of line art designs are further enhanced by drawing techniques such as stippling, hatching and scumbling. Vincent Van Gogh and Albrecht Durer are artists who are well recognized for their line work.

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