How Do You Arrange an Appearance on the Overhaulin' TV Show?


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To nominate a friend or family member to be on the "Overhaulin'" television show, go to the show's webpage and fill out all of the required fields about the nominee. It is not possible for an individual to arrange their own appearance on "Overhaulin'," but instead, guests on the television series "Overhaulin'" are nominated without their knowledge by someone that they know through the show's website.

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The show "Overhaulin'" is an automobile-based reality show that plays on the Velocity and Discovery networks. The show takes an antique vehicle of an unknowing victim, known as "The Mark," through an elaborate prank, and then completely makes over the car and presents it back to The Mark. Use the following steps to nominate a friend or family member to be on the show.

  1. Pick a friend or family member that has an old or broken down vehicle
  2. The show usually picks victims who have old vehicles, such as muscle or antique cars, that no longer work and that the victim cannot afford to fix. The victims on the show usually love their cars and have stories that explain why they are unable to fix it.

  3. Keep the nomination a secret
  4. The show relies on the fact that The Mark is completely oblivious. Do not tell the nominee that they have been nominated.

  5. Fill out all required fields on the "Overhaulin'" website
  6. Go to the "Overhaulin'" website and nominate a friend or family member. Fill out all of the fields and attempt to tell the story of the nominee in hopes that the show's hosts will want to help the nominee to fix their vehicle.

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