What Are Some Free Arabic TV Channels?

What Are Some Free Arabic TV Channels?

As of 2015, free-to-air Arabic TV channels include Al Alam News, Al Fayhaa, 2M Maroc, Sharjah TV and Al Hayat. Other free Arabic television channels include Kuwait TV, Al Forat, Wesal TV, Salaam TV and Syria Drama.

Al Alam News is a Tehran-based Arabic news channel launched in February 2003. The 24-hour news channel offers regional and international news programs, reports and analysis. The channel covers issues and events in the Middle East countries, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. In addition to satellite broadcast, Al Alam News offers live stream of the channel on its website.

Al Kalema TV is an Arabic Christian network that broadcasts spiritual, social and educational programs based on biblical teachings. The channel reaches Middle East, North America, Europe and other parts of the world through satellite and Internet video streaming services. The network also provides a platform for Christian ministries to broadcast their programs.

Al Fayhaa is a satellite TV channel based in Iraq. The channel offers local and international news headlines, as well as social and cultural shows pertaining to the Arab community.

Sharjah TV, part of the Sharjah Media Corporation, is a channel based in United Arab Emirates. The channel airs programs such as "Fatawa," "Amasi" and "Sharhaj’s Morning."