How Do You Get an Appraisal for a Painting by Robert Wood?


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A number of online resources, such as Appraise-art.com, exist for consumers who wish to find a general estimate of the value of their painting. However, for a more accurate representation of the item's worth, Sotheby's offers appraisal services.

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A general estimate of a painting's worth can be obtained from a number of online sources, such as Appraise-art.com or Valuemystuff.com. These resources are useful in identifying a figure for personal reference, or for appraising lower-value items. However, some purposes, such as selling a valuable painting, valuing an estate or insuring property, require a more precise appraisal from a highly reputable source.

Sotheby's is recognized as one of the world's preeminent auction houses for original works of fine art and other highly valuable assets. As such, they have significant experience in assessing unique works of art, memorabilia and cultural artifacts. Though Sotheby's has locations across the world, paintings do not necessarily need to be examined in person.

Individuals wishing to appraise their items may submit an Auction Estimate Form along with images of the piece. Items valued under $5000 USD are appraised. As a result, the time and energy spent in submitting the form are worthwhile only for those in possession of highly valuable property. Sotheby's generally takes four to six weeks to respond to your request.

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