How Do You Apply Stucco?


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To apply stucco, nail wire mesh to the surface, use a trowel to push the initial coat through the mesh, apply a second coat to smooth the surface, and add a finishing coat with your desired pattern. Allow the coats to dry for one or two days between applications, misting the stucco occasionally to prevent cracking.

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Only begin applying stucco when the ambient temperature is between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent early drying or stiffness of the stucco mixture. If applying stucco to wood, first attach a layer of housing plastic wrap or housing felt to the surface to make it waterproof. For brick or concrete, prepare the wall with a bonding agent and let it dry. Attach 17-gauge metal mesh to the surface using galvanized nails, and prepare the stucco mix according to manufacturer instructions before applying the 1/2-inch scratch coat with a trowel.

After letting the scratch coat dry for several hours, score the surface and let it continue drying for one to two days. Apply the 1/2-inch brown layer, floating the surface with a trowel to smooth it. Let this coat dry before adding the finishing coat, adding texture as desired. Let the stucco cure for one month before painting.

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