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In Greek mythology, Apollo was a Olympian god of healing, prophesy, disease, music, poetry and song, and archery. He was also a protector of young people and defender of herds and flocks. He was the son of Leto and Zeus, ruler of Mount Olympus, and had a twin sister, Artemis, who was the deity who spoke through the Oracle at Delphi.

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According to Greek mythology, after Hera, Zeus’s wife, discovered that Leto was expecting Zeus’s child, she forced Leto to give birth to Apollo on a new island named Delos. It was neither a real island nor on the mainland. After Apollo’s birth, Hera sent the dragon Python to kill Leto. Apollo slew the dragon when he was only four days old. Hera then sent a giant to rape Leto, but Apollo and his sister, Artemis, protected her.

Greek mythology recounts that during the Trojan War, Apollo shot plague-infected arrows into the Greek camp because Agamemnon insulted his priest. Afterward, Apollo shot an arrow into Achilles' heel to revenge Achilles’ murder of Apollo’s son. Apollo’s father, Zeus, killed another son of Apollo, Asclepius, with a lightning bolt because Asclepius had raised someone from the dead. Apollo killed the supplier of the lightning bolt, Cyclopes, and was sentenced to labor for one year as a shepherd in Thessaly.

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