What Was the Anne Curtis Boracay Scandal?


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The Anne Curtis Boracay scandal was a wardrobe malfunction that occurred while the Australian actress Anne Curtis was filming an episode of ASAP XV in Boracay, Philippines, in 2010. Members of the audience posted pictures of the actress's partially uncovered swimsuit on the Internet.

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After photographs of Anne Curtis at the moment of her wardrobe slip became widely distributed online, the actress responded in an interview with ABS-CBN News by asking her fans not to seek or post the photographs. The actress went on to describe the event as disrespectful and disheartening, telling the interview reporter, Gretchen Fullido, that she was upset about the incident and wished members of the public would show respect for her by not sharing and posting the photographs.

Some of the photograph-sharing public spread the rumor that Anne Curtis intentionally let her swimsuit slip off to gain national attention. This rumor was dismissed by her fellow actor, Sam Milby, who was performing with the actress at the time. Milby describes the idea of the wardrobe malfunction as a publicity stunt as "ridiculous," claiming that Anne has never exposed herself for publicity and would not consider doing so because it is not part of her character.

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