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Ann Rule was known for authoring true-crime books. Although she had written articles for detective magazines in the past, she wrote her first best-seller, "The Stranger Beside Me," in 1980 about the Ted Bundy murders that gripped the nation in the mid- to late-1970s.

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Ted Bundy had actually once been a co-worker of Ms. Rule at a suicide hotline center, and a person she really liked. Because of this relationship, she presented a unique perspective in this book that recounted the chilling details of his numerous murders of young women. A movie was also made based on the book.

Ms. Rule went on to write many more such books, including "The Want-Ad Killer" and "Dead by Sunset." She generally published one in-depth hardback book per year and one paperback with several shorter crime stories.

Ms. Rule died July 26, 2015. She was 83 years old.

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