What Is the "Anita Blake" Series About?


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The "Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter" series is about a young woman whose job is to kill vampires. Anita, who narrates her own story, exists in an alternative reality or parallel universe where vampires, shape shifters, werewolves and other fantastical beings are considered very real and part of society. They are, however, considered sub-human races. The story takes place primarily in St. Louis, Missouri.

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In the first book of the series, Anita shares society's general disdain for the supernatural beings. However, over the course of the 24 novels and novellas written by author Laurell K. Hamilton, she develops an appreciation for them and even begins to see a vampire as a potential love interest.

The individual books of the Anita Blake series are stand-alone stories that audiences who are both familiar and unfamiliar with the overarching story line can read and understand . Each book is a mystery novel characterized by political and romantic intrigue. Generally speaking, the earlier books emphasize the mystery, action and crime-solving aspects; later books typically highlight more of Anita's personal relationships and political involvement.

Hamilton has had numerous books from the Anita Blake series appear on the New York Times' best seller list. She has also won the Paranormal Excellence Award for Romantic Literature for "A Kiss of Shadows," published in 2000.

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