What Is Animal Planet's Puppy Cam?

What Is Animal Planet's Puppy Cam?

Animal Planet's Puppy Cam is a live camera feed featuring puppies available for adoption at the Washington Animal and Rescue League in Washington, D.C. A live stream of the Puppy Cam is available on Animal Planet's website, APL.tv.

The Puppy Cam allows viewers to observe the puppies at rest, while playing and during feedings. After adopting out a group of puppies, the shelter brings in a new set of puppies. The Puppy Cam is accessible worldwide.

The Puppy Cam also provides a preview of competitors participating in the Puppy Bowl. The Puppy Bowl is an annually televised program on Animal Planet that places a group of puppies in a mini stadium filled with a variety of toys. A human referee watches over the action and calls out penalties and touchdowns. A touchdown occurs when a puppy carries a toy into the end zone.

In addition to the Puppy Cam, there is also a Kitten Cam. The Kitten Cam functions the same as the Puppy Cam and is also located at the Washington Animal and Rescue League.

The Animal Planet website provides a link to the shelter's website, where there is information on how to adopt one of the puppies or kittens.