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Amy Roloff's family includes her husband Matt and her children Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jake. The Roloffs are the stars of TLC's reality television show "Little People, Big World," which focuses primarily on Amy, Matt and Zach, who are all diagnosed with dwarfism. The show is in its ninth season as of 2015.

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Amy Roloff is diagnosed with a type of dwarfism known as achondroplasia. Amy is a graduate of Central Michigan University and is heavily involved in philanthropy. Her Amy Roloff Charity Foundation works to provide for the needs of at-risk youths, particularly those with disabilities. Amy is also involved with the Dwarf Athletic Association of America.

Matt Roloff is diagnosed with a type of dwarfism called diastrophic dysplasia, which was the result of repetitive surgeries during his childhood. He works as a computer software salesman for Direct Access Solutions, which he co-founded, and Amdocs.

Jeremy is the oldest of the Roloff children. He graduated from the Brooks Institute in Southern California in June 2014. A few months after graduating, he married Audrey Botti at Roloff Farm. Jeremy and Audrey reside in Los Angeles.

Zach is Jeremy's twin brother, but while Jeremy is over 6 feet tall, Zach is only 4 feet and 4 inches tall. Like his mother, Zach is diagnosed with a type of dwarfism called achondroplasia. Zach competed in the World Dwarf Games as a soccer player. He married Tori Patton in July 2015.

Molly attends Whitworth University, where she studies Spanish and accounting. She is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Jake graduated from high school early in 2015. He owns a dog named Luna.

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