Who Are Some American Scholars?

Who Are Some American Scholars?

Some noted American scholars are Daniel J. Boorstin, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis and Elliot Valenstein. A scholar is someone who masters one or more areas of study and typically teaches and conducts research in a university.

Daniel J. Boorstin was a historian, a journalist and a Rhodes Scholar who taught American history at the University of Chicago. He also served as the director of the National Museum of History and Technology. His best-known books are "The Americans" trilogy and "The Discoverers."

Noam Chomsky is a scholar of linguistics, philosophy and political systems. He is a professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His contributions include transformational grammar in linguistics, the idea that language is innate to the human brain, and writings dissenting with U.S. foreign policy. His classification of grammar into different levels of expression, the Chomsky Hierarchy, has influenced linguistics, psychology and philosophy.

Angela Davis is a civil and women's rights activist, a proponent of prison reform, a writer on race and politics, and a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She studied philosophy and was a master scholar. As a graduate student in the late 1960s, Davis joined the Communist party and became affiliated with the Black Panthers. At the 1970 trial of a man with whom she was romantically involved, people were killed during an escape attempt, and Davis was imprisoned for 18 months before being acquitted.

Elliot Valenstein is a professor emeritus of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His areas of research are the biology underlying emotion and motivation, the effects of hormones on behavior, and the uses of medications and brain surgery in treating mental illness. He has served on advisory boards at the National Institutes of Health, the National Institutes of Mental Health and the National Science Foundation.