What Does America TeVe Canal 41 Broadcast?

What Does America TeVe Canal 41 Broadcast?

America TeVe Canal 41 broadcasts live Spanish-language news programming and variety shows in Miami, Florida. America TeVe also has stations in New York and Puerto Rico. Each day, America TeVe airs seven hours of new original programming.

America TeVe Canal 41 seeks to provide the Hispanic population of the United States with high-quality programming. Examples of its programming include a late-night show called "Dante Night Show," news programs such as "America Noticias," and a courtroom series called "Sala de Justicia." In addition to broadcasting its programming, America TeVe Canal 41 makes much of its programming available for streaming online.

As part of the station's efforts to appeal to Hispanics in the United States, the focus of much of its news programming centers on Cuba and Venezuela. Additionally, its coverage of sports news includes not only traditional American teams but also international soccer.

Although America TeVe Canal 41 is an independent broadcaster today, when MundoFox originally launched in the United States in 2012, Canal 41 was one of its affiliate stations; however, the station was an affiliate for just a short period, returning to its independent status before the end of the year.

America TeVe Canal 41's call sign is WJAN-CD.