What Are Some AMA Hillclimb Events?


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The American Motorcyclist Association runs eight events over the course of one season. There are six total destinations, because there are two events held in both Jefferson, Pennsylvania, and Freemansburg, Pennsylvania, as of 2015.

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The White Rose Motorcycle Club hosts two events in Jefferson, Pennsylvania, called White Rose I and White Rose II. The hill is 300 feet high and has two jumps. Over the course of a day, the AMA runs two Xtreme Hillclimb races, two Pro Sport Hillclimb races, and two Unlimited Hillclimb races. Philip Libhart recorded the fastest time at the 2015 White Rose I with a time of 6.912 seconds and John Koester recorded the best time of 6.322 at the 2015 White Rose II.

Freemansburg, Pennsylvania, events are known as Bushkill Valley I and Bushkill Valley II and at least one of the events has been held in some form since the 1930s. The hill is considered to be one of the most difficult courses on the AMA circuit due to its four jumps and near vertical finish. The hill is wide enough that the event organizers were recently able to add in a Verticross class, in which two riders climb the hill simultaneously. The Bushkill Valley events also run the same classes as the White Rose events. Jay Sallstrom recorded the fasted time at the 2015 Bushkill Valley I and John Koester recorded the fastest time at Bushkill Valley II.

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