What Is an Alternative to Slingbox?

Alternatives to the Slingbox include the Monsoon Vulkano and the Belkin @TV Plus. Like the Slingbox, these devices can stream broadcast television to any Internet-connected device.

The Monsoon Vulkano is available in three versions: the Vulkano Flow, the Vulkano Lava and the Vulkano Blast. The Vulkano Flow features high-definition and standard-definition inputs and outputs via component or composite connections, 802.11n Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The Vulkano Lava adds an HDMI output, 4 gigabytes of internal flash memory and an SD card slot for memory expansion. The Vulkano Blast has the same features as the Vulkano Lava, but with a 160GB hard drive instead of the flash memory. It received an average customer review of 3.5 stars out of five on Amazon.com as of December 2015.

The Belkin @TV Plus is similar to the Vulkano Flow, but only supports standard-definition video. The average review score on Amazon.com is 3.7 out of five stars as of December 2015. A review in PC Magazine praised the device's smooth video streaming, but criticised the difficult setup process and the lack of high-definition video support.

Both the Vulkano and the @TV Plus include player software for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. The software allows a digital video recorder or satellite receiver to be controlled remotely. An infrared port emulates a remote control, allowing for full control of the recorder or receiver, including on-screen menus.