What Is the Alex Jones Radio Show About?

The hybrid daily talk/news radio program "The Alex Jones Show" features breaking news, informed debates, and interviews and commentary from celebrity or political guests discussing topics ranging from constitutionalism to the New World Order. Unapologetically slanted by the views of its libertarian conspiracy theorist host, the program builds on Jones' books and documentaries on the same topics.

Said to have a listener base of over two million people per week in 2010, the show continues to broaden its audience, reaching many younger viewers through its Internet platforms. Compared to other conservative radio hosts such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, whose online viewing numbers he has outpaced, Jones is much, farther to the right, owing to America's burgeoning conspiracy subculture. Jones shuns the idea of the "right wing" as a bogus political label, and prefers instead to be described as a "thought criminal against Big Brother."

Jones' comments on the Bush administration's involvement in the terror attacks of September 11 caused some conservative stations to drop him. Even so, guests such as Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, Ron Paul and Gore Vidal continue to flock to the show, and Jones often appears on politically themed television programs, such as BBC's "Sunday Politics" and "Piers Morgan Live."