What Are Some Albums by Marco Antonio Solis?

Some albums released by Marco Antonio Solis include "Casas de Carton," "Me Siento Solo," "Yo Te Necesito," "Si Me Recuerdas," "En Vivo: Una Noche en Madrid" and "Gracias por Estar Aqui." "Casas de Carton" was Solis's first album, initially released in 1975. Including this debut album, Solis has released 29 albums, as of August 2015.

Solis's recordings include a mix of original new songs, live concert versions of his hits and duets with other artists, such as Enrique Iglesias and David Bisbal."En Vivo: Una Noche en Madrid," released June 10, 2008, was available as both a DVD and a CD. The work showcased songs from Solis's 2008 concert in Madrid, Spain.