What Are the Air Dates and Times for the Martha Bakes Show?


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Martha Bakes airs on Create, a channel owned by American Public Television and broadcast on PBS stations throughout the United States. Days and times in which the show airs vary by station, so viewers should check their local listings.

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Martha Bakes is a show starring Martha Stewart. Stewart teaches viewers how to bake various worldwide desserts and breads. She also explains the use of proper utensils and introduces items that are used by bakers in Europe and other parts of the world. The show appears on PBS stations but does not have a set day or time for airing.

Viewers who want to watch Martha Bakes can use the listing search feature found on PBS.org. A viewer can locate the show from the program drop-down menu, then once on the program page, the viewer can search for local listings by clicking on the Local Listings hyperlink.

From the Local Listing search page, visitors can select their service provider as well as their local time zone. Once the listings are generated, users can apply filters for preferred stations and channels, and sort by episodes, channels or broadcast times. There is also an option for users to receive email reminders for when the show airs.

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