What Is "Agenda 21" by Glenn Beck About?


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The 2012 novel "Agenda 21," co-written by Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke, is about a girl named Emmeline living in a dystopian future in which a U.N.-based entity known as the Authorities enacts strict regulations for complete control over the environment and its citizens. Emmeline begins to question her grim reality and decides to try to escape with her partner and her new baby, despite potentially brutal consequences.

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In the story, Agenda 21 is a United Nations program that transformed a once-free America into what is known simply as the Republic. It began with a plan to remove all private ownership of land and move all citizens into urban living spaces to populate the open land with carnivorous animals. The program set out to control all aspects of human life in an effort to control and replenish the environment.

The rulings of the Republic force citizens to eat the same managed meals each day, spend their time generating clean energy, and bear children, who the Authorities immediately take away to a place called Children's Village.

One day the Authorites take Emmeline's mother away for unknown reasons, and Emmeline begins to wonder about rumors she heard of people escaping the control of the Republic. She starts looking for answers and finds Agenda 21 beginning to break down. Fearing the loss of her child to the Authorities, she and her partner attempt to find freedom from the autocratic society.

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