To What Age Group Does "Gravity Falls" Appeal?

As of September 2015, ratings for "Gravity Falls" show that it is highly popular among children aged 2 to 11. It ranks as the most watched show in its time slot for this age group and among the top-ranked Disney Channel shows overall.

As of 2015, the main demographics for which "Gravity Falls" has proven appeal are children aged 2 to 11, children aged 6 to 11 and children aged 6 to 14. In all of these age ranges, "Gravity Falls" is the number one show for its time slot. The gender ratio is somewhat skewed toward boys, but the numbers for all children in this age group are similar to the figures for boys.

Due to the content of the show, Common Sense Media recommends "Gravity Falls" for children over the age of 9, despite its broad appeal to younger kids and toddlers.